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UK Contact Centre Performance Review 2024

Over 80 companies completed the survey and we have condensed all of the data into our first report: ‘UK Contact Centre Performance Review 2024’. 

Missed the opportunity to get involved this year? Don’t worry! We will be running this report again in early 2025

Our very own Trevor Butterworth was joined by Chris de Souza and Dave Walshe from CGI to give an overview of the report and their thoughts on its finding. You can watch the podcast below. 

Get your FREE copy of the UK Contact Centre Performance Review 2024 by completing the details below. 

    Introducing a new initiative from UKCCF & CGI…

    PLEASE NOTE: Initiative is now closed to new participants and the Benchmarking report is being complied for release in March 2024. 

    This free contact centre industry benchmarking programme is being jointly run by the UK Contact Centre forum and CGI. The aim for The UK Contact Centre Performance Review 2024 is to support raising standards within our industry by providing contact centre leaders with targeted insights on their contact centre operations across areas such as the customer, the employees, the operation and technology. This Performance Review is available to both UKCCF members and non-members as we want to maximise the impact that the programme has across our industry.

    What is being benchmarked?

    We will be benchmarking centres in a number of different areas:

    • Performance metrics – there are 14 different performance metrics that we will compare and contrast against your peers from Customer Satisfaction, First Contact Resolution, Quality, Employee Engagement, Abandon rates and Average Speed of Answer to name but a few.
    • Operational insights – we will be comparing operational information such as Attrition, Salary, TL to advisor ratio’s.
    • Channels and Technology being used by you and your peers today and plans to change this in the future.

    The benefits of participating:

    By participating you will receive:

    • An independent and objective review of your performance, benchmarked against peers
    • Insights on areas of focus and improvement
    • A personalised report and feedback session where we will provide recommendations, and suggestions around the direction and structure of your continual service improvement activities.

    The process:

    • If you are interested in participating, click the button above and fill out the form.  This should be really easy to complete and take you no more than 5 minutes.
    • Once you have completed the form you will be emailed a KPI spreadsheet to complete. This will be sent in the first week of January so that we can capture information for all of 2023.
    • You will then have up until the 31st of January 2024 to complete the form and send it back to
    • Once received, our partners CGI, will begin creating your personalised benchmarking report.
    • UKCCF and CGI will hold a virtual feedback session to share the findings with you along with bespoke recommendations of areas you could look to focus on within the next 12 months. 
    • The report will be shared with you. We are aiming for all virtual sessions and reports to be shared with you by March 2024

    Register to receive your FREE copy of the report. 

      Register to receive your FREE copy of the report

      Complete the short form to register your interest in receiving your FREE copy of the Benchmarking Report when it is published.  

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      For more information, or if you have any questions about the UK Contact Centre Performance Review, please email: or complete the form below and one of the team will contact you.

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        How will we use the data?

        Any data shared with the UKCCF and CGI will only be used for the sole purpose of generating your benchmarking report and will not be shared further and will be deleted once the final feedback sessions have been held and the benchmarking reports have been shared. Sharing the data should not be too time consuming as all of the performance metrics being measured should be KPIs that you typically monitor on a frequent basis in your contact centre. If you do not measure any of the KPIs, just make us aware on the spreadsheet that you share, and we will remove this in your personalised report. We will be collecting data ranging from January – December 2023 to enable us to give as much insight to you as possible in terms of trends in your industry as possible.  All data that we collect will be anonymised in the report to provide you insights into regional and industry trends. You will not see the names of any other organisation that participates, and they will not be able to see yours.