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Elevate Your Standards with UKCCF Accreditation

The UK Contact Centre Forum (UKCCF), powered by CGI, offers a comprehensive accreditation programme designed to enhance the performance and operational excellence of contact centres. Our framework covers three core pillars: Customer Experience, Agent Experience, and Strategic & Planning.

Why Choose UKCCF Accreditation?

Holistic Assessment: In collaboration with CGI, we will conduct a thorough on-site assessment, evaluating various aspects of your contact centre operations to ensure a seamless and efficient customer journey.

Independent Evaluation: Our impartial, expert-led evaluations provide a clear, objective analysis of your contact centre’s performance, helping you identify areas of improvement and leverage strengths.

Comprehensive Reporting: Receive a detailed, bespoke accreditation report with practical recommendations to support your continuous improvement efforts and strategic objectives.

Industry Recognition: Achieve a prestigious accreditation that reflects your commitment to excellence in customer and agent experience, validated by industry standards.

Our Accreditation Process

  1. Initial Consultation:
    • Begin with a discovery call to understand your operation and prepare for the assessment.
  2. On-Site Assessment:
    • Our team will conduct a comprehensive on-site evaluation over several days, engaging with key stakeholders and reviewing critical components of your operations.
  3. Data Analysis:
    • Analyse key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmark against industry standards to gain insights into your operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Reporting and Accreditation:
    • Receive a comprehensive report detailing your accreditation level (Gold, Silver, Bronze), valid for two years, along with actionable recommendations for improvement.

What We Assess

  • Customer Experience: Evaluate the ease and effectiveness of customer contact through various channels and the quality of interactions.
  • Agent Experience: Assess the support, engagement, and development processes for agents to ensure they are well-equipped and motivated.
  • Strategy & Planning: Review your operational strategy, technology stack, and Corporate, Social & Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to ensure they align with business goals and industry best practices.
Ready to Elevate Your Contact Centre? 
Apply for UKCCF Accreditation, powered by CGI, today and join the ranks of top-performing contact centres committed to excellence in customer and agent experience.

How to Apply

Please complete the form below and one of our team will contact you. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost for an accreditation?
    The cost of the accreditation is dependant on a number of factors such as the size of the operation and number of sites. Please make an enquiry and we will be happy to talk you through what your personalised accreditation journey would look like, including costs

    Who conducts the accreditation?
    The accreditation will be conducted by contact centre experts from CGI, who have a proven history of delivering and leading world-class contact centre operations, for some of the largest, best-known organisations across the world.

    What do I get from the accreditation?
    You will get an independent and objective review of your performance, benchmarked against peers along with a personalised report that provides insights on all areas assessed and areas of focus and improvement. Being an accredited contact centre provides you with an opportunity to showcase your dedication to service excellence alongside a trophy and a digital badge containing your accreditation score that is valid for 2 years for marketing purposes.