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Phil Quickenden

Phil first walked into a contact centre in November 2002 and still finds himself wondering why he never left. All of his 20 years have been spent in Public Sector contact, ranging from the fast pace of a Police 999 call centre where answer times really do have life and death consequences, through to local government with the breadth of different services that encompasses. Phil passionately believes that technology and channel choice are valuable tools to support the real stars of the contact centre, the agents who answer the calls, and not that they are there to replace them. In his current role as the Head of Customer & Registration Services at the London Borough of Camden Phil is exploring how technology can enhance and develop a new kind of super-agent, equipped with digital skills and expertise which empower customers to play a greater role in their own journey. A self-confessed data geek, Phil believes that through unlocking the intelligence of the contact centre, organisations can move their understanding of the customers they serve to a whole new level, which in the public sector, means changing lives.