UK Contact Centre Forum

  • DATE
    Thu 27th June 2024
  • TIME
    11:00 – 12:00
    Microsoft Teams

AI and Digital channels are playing an instrumental role in enhancing citizen engagement in local government. By leveraging AI-powered chatbots and the use of self-service, local governments can provide citizens with round-the-clock access to information, as well as answer common queries and drive a faster more efficient customer experience.

Join Kerv and Genesys experts on the 27th June as we discuss the following:

  • Using customer data to ensure intelligent routing on the right channel (voice, email, chat, SMS, social media).

  • Enhancing self-service capabilities: how an AI-powered self-service strategy allows citizens to find information quickly, allowing the agents to deal with more complex requests.

  • The importance of balancing AI efficiency with human empathy.

  • How Councils can ensure they are putting AI, Data and CX at the forefront of their decision making process.

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