UK Contact Centre Forum

Steve Messenbird

After working as Global Customer Service Director for Merlin Entertainments for over 20 years, Steve semi-retired 3 years ago and has never been busier!! Steve uses his extensive knowledge and experience to work as a business consultant improving customer journeys with proven success for many companies. 

Steve is also Managing Director and owner of Blue Turtle Coaching and Mentoring Services. Having built teams around the world Steve prides himself on being a great leader and works with people from Director level, Senior Managers, Junior Team members and Members of Parliament alike. Steve helps people unlock their full potential by helping people find their true identity whilst identifying visions and setting goals. The client uses that knowledge to make better lives for themselves both in the workplace and in life in general. 

Steve has teamed up with Trevor Butterworth and CCF to create the CCF Coaching and Mentoring Programme. A unique industry specific programme designed to support people at all levels of the Contact Centre World.

Steve has been judging these awards for many years and is once again delighted to be part of the 2022 judging team.