Nectar Services Corp.  is focused on addressing the unique challenges presented by voice, video and human interaction, and how the health and performance of underlying technologies and networks contribute to the experiences of end-users, agents and customers.

Our tools are purpose-built to support the complexities that hybrid contact center environments have that typically involve platform, network, and endpoint elements from a variety of manufacturers. We provide end-to-end visibility through a single pane of glass dashboard that incorporates all agnostic digital channels that service end-user, agent, and customer experiences via the following vendors Five9, Genesys, Nice, Avaya, Cisco, Teams and Zoom to name a few.

Ultimately, contact center technology is the bridge that connects the business to customers. So by monitoring and incrementally improving the overall digital experience, you will see benefits spread to the team, customers and business as a whole.


  • Deliver great CX while reducing agent attrition – Improved agent retention is a key metric for efficient and successful operations, but technology challenges associated with the increased work-from-home environments impact productivity KPIs and overall CX metrics, reducing morale and CSAT.
  • Optimize voice to maximize investment in agents – For both inbound and outbound scenarios, voice remains a critical channel, but the cost of agent engagement and the introduction of voice-based AI and machine learning means that a healthy voice channel is more critical than ever. Knowing the user/agent health both proactively and in real-time allows you to make business decisions that ultimately affects the bottom-line.   
  • Deliver innovation at the pace of business – Business requirements change quickly and frequently require new functionality, integrations or routing profile changes but moving hastily can challenge quality metrics so agile-based  devops and automation are critical to minimize defects.
  • Enable digital transformation priorities by optimizing the voice channel – Customer and agent experience have taken center stage for many senior leaders as organizations pursue digital transformation efforts to elevate customer engagement as a competitive differentiator that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty. Voice quality directly impacts KPIs such as first-call resolution and overall cost per call.

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