Roundtable Topics



Personalisation & Customer Insight

(AM only)

  • How can organisations deliver a consistent and personalised customer experience across channels?
  • How can self-service be used to personalise customer interactions?
  • How do you predict customer needs? What is Proactive Service? How, and when, is it most effective?
  • What is speech analytics? How, and when, can it be used to deliver customer insight?

Contact Centre Homeworking

(AM and PM)

  • How do companies benefit from home-working? How do agents and managers benefit?
  • What are the biggest hurdles to effective home-working – and how do you overcome them?
  • What type of person makes the best homeworker?
  • What does home-working best practice look like re: recruitment, processes, technology, communication and management?

Coaching Positive Agent Behaviours

(AM only)

Agents are a key asset to any contact centre and are usually the first and main point of contact for customers. Their behaviour strongly influences customer’s satisfaction, retention and ultimately revenue. In this session we will look at:

  • How contact centre can positively coach agent’s behaviours
  • Transitioning from monitoring quality to positively impacting agent’s behaviours
  • Defining new KPIs beyond calls volume and calls handling time
  • Monitoring new KPIs
  • Rewarding agents

Contact Centre of the Future

(AM and PM)

  • What will the Contact Centre of the Future physically look like?
  • How will service operations evolve to meet the needs of the digital consumer
  • How role will live agents play?
  • How will chat bots, natural language speech recognition and AI transform the world of customer self-service

Employee Engagement

(AM and PM)

  • How should organisations go about recruiting for attitude, and then training the skills required to deliver excellent customer experiences?
  • How can they optimise communications, and create effective 2 way employee communications? How do they create the right working environment?
  • How can companies effectively collect feedback and measure Employee Engagement?
  • How does one create a culture of doing the right thing?
  • How can companies effectively collect feedback and measure Employee Engagement?
  • How can we pragmatically drive a change in behaviour rather than just monitor quality?

Web Chat and Social Media

(PM only)

  • Who should manage social interactions? The contact centre, the marketing team, or both?
  • How many simultaneous web chat sessions can a single advisor manage?
  • What social media monitoring tools are available today? How can they be most efficiently utilised?
  • When should a customer conversations be taken out of the public domain and managed privately?

Workforce Management

(AM and PM)

  • How can multi-channel contact centres accurately forecast future customer contact volumes?
  • How can they schedule the right people, with the right skills, to handle these contacts most effectively?
  • How can Workforce Management (WFM) tools be used to enhance employee engagement and empowerment?
  • How can WFM, quality management, campaign management and analytics be used in an integrated way to optimise workforce efficiency?

Self-service and AI

(PM only)

  • In the future, will self-help (by phone and web) be the norm and live agent service the exception?
  • Is ‘natural language’ a necessity before speech recognition interfaces become socially acceptable?
  • What progress has been made in the world of ‘chatbots’?
  • What is visual IVR?


(AM and PM)

  • Agent capability versus tech possibility – can agents handle different channel types?
  • How can organisations deliver consistent customer experiences, regardless of the channels customers use?
  • How can advisors manage conversations ‘holistically’ with a single view of customer activity?
  • How effective is universal queuing?
  • Contact blending versus task switching – which is the most effective approach?

Customer Experience

(AM only)

  • What are the key factors that impact Customer Experience (CX)?  First contact resolution, service quality, time to answer, customer empathy, engaged employees, personalisation… which are the most important?
  • What do you most effectively measure it? Is there still a role for traditional measures such as AHT and customer satisfaction?  Or should organisations measure NPS, customer effort etc.?
  • What about the agent? How do you simplify things for the agent so that they can focus on the CX rather than flicking between multiple screens?
  • How can you use speech and data analytics to drive customer insight that will improve the CX?

The SuperAgent

(PM only)

  • What is a SuperAgent?
  • Current and near future channels
  • Process of engaging with multiple channels
  • Cost saving and CX benefits
  • Agent training and adoption

The Impact of Collaboration on Agent and Customer Engagement

(PM only)

Contact centre agents work best when they work together. However, in such a stressful and fast-moving environment, it isn’t always easy to work together.

In this session we explore how contact centres can improve collaboration and the impact of collaboration on agent’s engagement and motivation as well as on the customer experience.

  • Improving collaboration in the contact centre
  • Extending collaboration outside the contact centre
  • Building happier and more productive agents with collaboration
  • Providing better and faster service

Practical Steps to Achieve World Class Customer Engagement

(PM only)

  • We can get so caught up in detail we forget to look at the picture as a whole, what’s your simple picture?
  • What inhibits us providing world class and how can we overcome these hurdles?
  • How do we measure world class, is there an accurate point if reference?
  • How to balance world class CX and achievable business outcomes?

Frictionless Engagement and Avoidable Contact

(PM only)

  • To be frictionless or not, that is the question?
  • Is frictionless the same as seamless?
  • How do we filter/prioritise contacts that matter? Should we do this?
  • Can we really design inherent flexibility into customer journeys that truly deliver brand journeys that please our customers?

The Joined-Up Customer Journey

(AM only)

  • What are the phases of the customer journey?
  • How to create joined-up Customer Experiences (CX)
  • The role of customer self-service
  • Enhancing CX with rich media content, location-based messaging etc.
  • Where and when to use proactive interventions
  • How to reduce shopping cart abandonment and enable Click and Collect