Get greater real time control of your Contact Centre campaigns in 2016


We know only too well the contact centre is the buzzing hub of your business, where customer questions, problems, feedback and sales are coming in and your vibrant teams are handling calls, retrieving information and keeping a smile on their face. Your contact centre is integral to your success.


How can you make changes in 2016 which will improve both the customer experience and also make things better for your valuable agents, call handlers & contact centre managers alike? Well, by coming along to the Yorkshire Contact Centre Forum networking event on 4th February will be an amazing start.


Yoozoom Hosted Contact Centre (YHCC) blends advanced cloud contact centre innovation and features with the resilience and scalability of BT’s core network. Because of this we have been asked to co-host this event in association with the UK Contact Centre Forum and BT Wholesale to share how cloud innovation coupled with the security and peace of mind of BT’s world class network will help your business.



By attending this exclusive event in February you can see how cloud innovation can meet every one of your contact centre challenges and also discover firsthand from BT about their investment into the 21st century and what this means for connectivity for business. It is exciting times for businesses wanting fast, reliable and secure cloud connectivity and the event will give you an opportunity to learn more and ask your questions.


Here are a few reasons why Yoozoom’s Hosted Contact Centre platform could help your business:


  • Inbound: Sophisticated IVR, skills based routing, script builder, smart queue-buster features, automated call-back, screen popping and voice recording and PCI compliant payment IVR
  • Outbound: Powerful predictive and preview dialler (which is Ofcom compliant) that incorporate lead management tools, campaign and script editor capabilities,
  • Multi-channel: Voice, Email, SMS & Webchat
  • Reporting : Multi-Device Real Time, Scheduled and Historical
  • Disaster Recovery : Real time response, elastic scalability and work from anywhere via a web browser.


Yoozoom are a leading supplier of Cloud Telephony in the UK

And we’re based right here in Leeds. We’ve provided powerful telecommunication solutions and we can help you to invest in the latest technologies, gain competitive advantage and drive efficiencies through your call centre.


We understand that “the cloud” can be a complicated topic, full of jargon and tech-speak, so Yoozoom makes sure you get great advice and excellent support along the way.


Hopefully see you on the 4th Feb!



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