Advisor of the Month – FAQ’s

Got a question about our Advisor of the Month programme? Find the answer below.

If you have a question that is not covered below, please email:

Q. Is there a cost to enter?
A. No. Entering the UKCCF Advisor of the month programme is complete free.

Q. Does my organisation have to be a UKCCF member to enter?
A. No, the UKCCF Advisor of the Month programme is open to any contact centre within the UK.

Q. How many nominations can i make per month?
A. As many as you would like. There are three prizes give to first, second and third place winners.

Q. I nominated my advisor last month, can I nominate them again?
A. Yes! Absolutely. Please resubmit your nomination via our nomination page.

Q. How do I nominate my advisor?
A. Visit our nomination page, complete the short form, please remember to include contact details to ensure we are able to contact you. Complete the section to tell us why your advisor deserves to win and click submit. You will get an email to confirm that your nomination has been received and accepted.

Q. When are the winners announced?
A. Generally, the winners are chosen and announced during the last week of each month. The dates will change slightly to cater for weekends and national holidays.

Q. What do the winners win?
A. All of our winners are sent a certificate to highlight their achievement, they will also win gift vouchers as follows:
1st place: £150
2nd place: £100
3rd place £50
Winners will be contacted to ascertain which gift vouchers they would like and sent accordingly.

Q. Where ar the terms and conditions of the initiative?
A. You can find our full terms and conditions HERE.