09:00am – 09:30am

Welcome coffees, teas & croissants

09:30am – 10:00am

MartinHWMartin Hill-Wilson, Founder, Brainfood Consulting
Topic: What Will a Superb Service Experience look like in 2025?

From Call Centre to Customer Engagement Hub: how service operations must evolve to meet the needs of today’s digital consumer.

Customer Hubs: What are they? Why do we need them? How do they work? How will they embrace omni-channel communications and drive a single agenda across all channels and all department.

The rise of conversational digital service: How chatbots, natural language speech recognition and AI are transforming the world of customer self-service

10:00am – 10:30am

RodneycutRodney Assock, Operational Services Director, LV=
Topic: Creating Value Through People

  • How LV= has harnessed people power to make a difference
  • The ROI on people investment
  • Employee Engagement + Great Listening = Customer Satisfaction
  • Some practical tips to share

10:30am – 11:00am

Darron BurnessDarron Burness, Teleworking Operations Manager, The AA
Topic: The HomeAgent Revolution

The business case for contact centre homeworking: What can it potentially deliver for HomeAgents in terms of reduced time and travel savings, better work-life-balance? What can it deliver for companies in terms of more – efficient scheduling, improved employee engagement and high productivity.

Real life examples from AA, the first UK company to embrace modern HomeAgent models nearly two decades ago.

Plus statistical results from its recent HomeAgent survey

11:00am – 11:15am

Morning break

11:15am – 12:30pm

Roundtable discussions (1)

An opportunity to participate in one of 10 discussion topics: Personalisation & Customer Insight, Contact Centre Homeworking, Employee Engagement, Recruitment and Retention, Contact Centre of the Future, Customer Experience, Omni-channel, Workforce Management, Self-service and AI, and Web Chat & Social Media.

12:30pm – 13:15pm

Networking Lunch

13:15pm – 13:45pm

JamesLeech300x300James Leech, Head of Digital, Technology and Innovation, Sainsburys Argos Customer Management Centres
Topic: The Lost Art of Conversation

The customer journey: how modern retailers are using Big Data and analytics to understand customer motives, drive personalisation and enhance customer loyalty.

Omni-channel: Delivering service consistency and excellence at every customer touch point in an integrated manner.

From store transformation to web self-service and HomeAgent working, How Home Retail Group is transforming every aspect of its customer-facing operations to create the ‘Contact Centre of the Future’

13:45pm – 15:00pm

Roundtable discussions (2)

An opportunity to participate in one of 10 discussion topics: Contact Centre of the Future, Omni-channel, Employee Engagement, Performance and Quality, Recruitment and Retention, Compliance,  Contact Centre Homeworking, Robotic Process Automation in the Contact Centre, Web Chat & Social Media, and Customer Experience.

15:00pm – 15:15pm

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